Delicious Bakery Delivery in Walnut Creek, California

Are you in search of a scrumptious bakery delivery in Walnut Creek, California? Bread Basket (744 Bancroft), Boudin (Walnut Creek), Jamba Juice (704 A Bancroft Rd.), and Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream - Adeline St. are all excellent options that offer delivery services through Postmates. But if you're looking for something truly special, then you should try A Sweet Affair Bakery.This family-run business was established by Terry Babcock in 1984 when he moved to California from Ohio. He had a vision of creating a bakery that used only the finest ingredients and made everything from scratch without preservatives, palm oil, or lard. Now, his two daughters, Sarah and Jennifer, are keeping his dream alive by focusing on customer satisfaction and product quality. At A Sweet Affair Bakery, you can watch the bakers prepare the freshest baked goods right before your eyes.

Everything is made with love and without preservatives, palm oil, or lard. So if you're in Walnut Creek and looking for a delicious bakery delivery, look no further than A Sweet Affair Bakery.

Lydia Ferell
Lydia Ferell

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