The Best Breads in Walnut Creek, California - A Guide for Bread Lovers

Are you a bread lover looking for the best breads in Walnut Creek, California? You're in luck! From sourdough baguettes to rustic loaves and brioche, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. Boudin Bakery is a great place to start. Their sourdough baguette is a local favorite, with its golden crust and crunchy bubbles. It's a little crispier than the round bar, but softer than the baguette.

Long sourdough is their most popular bread, and it's garnished with sun-dried tomatoes for an extra burst of flavor. Rica Zaharia's bakery is another great spot for bread lovers. Located in an open-air mall east of Walnut Creek, this oasis of charm offers a variety of delicious treats. The Acme Bread Company is another must-visit spot.

Founded by Steven and Suzie Sullivan in 1983, this bakery has been supplying bread to Bay Area restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores for decades. You can find their delicious kouign-amann in Rockridge, their sourdough bagel in Livermore, and their brioche in Walnut Creek. If you're looking for something special, try the olive rosemary focaccia from Boudin Bakery or the ciabatta from Rica Zaharia's bakery. Both are sure to tantalize your taste buds!No matter what type of bread you're looking for, you're sure to find something delicious in Walnut Creek. So grab your loaf and enjoy!.

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